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Move across the vast terrain of Swedish Lapland through a combination of remote helicopter drop off’s and hut-to-hut trail running covering a distance of 125km (5900m+ of elevation gain/descent) over the course of a week.

You will be guided by a team of experienced Ultra Marathon Runners, who will accompany you on your journey exploring the mountains, forests, and roaring rivers of the Swedish Arctic, culminating with a relaxed Sauna Boat tour upon the completion of a tough week of physical activity and in arduous conditions.

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Arctic Circle Trail Running with Helicopter Drops

07 SEP 2019 – 13 SEP 2019

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Move across the vast terrain of Swedish Lapland through a combination of remote helicopter drop off’s and hut-to-hut trail running covering a distance of 125km (5900m+ of elevation gain/descent) over the course of a week.

This is a 7 day Tour in the Arctic Circle (250 km above the arctic circle in an area called Lapland) covering 125 Km and ~5900m+ meters of elevation gain and descent. This is a multi-day trail running tour adventure done in stages, around 26km per day with reasonable elevation gain meaning that we will be moving for around 3-6 hours per day. This is a Hut-to-Hut type of running camp meaning that we will be sleeping overnight in cosy Swedish mountain huts – meaning nothing fancy usually in a style of a cosy bunk-bed in a dormitory.

We will be covering a section of the Kungsleden Trail between Nikkaluokta and Abisko – one of the world’s most famous hiking trails. The Kungsleden is a 440 km long trail stretching from the south in Hemavan to the north in Abisko. The 105 km trail presents the highest mountains in Sweden and vast stunning landscapes with tundra, forests, lakes, rivers and glaciers. A journey along Kungsleden takes you through verdant mountain heaths surrounded by tarns and dramatic peaks. There are dramatic changes along the way between alpine terrain and low-lying mountain birch forest. You will often see herds of reindeer and waterfalls, as well as dramatic skies and arctic wind.


Brief Itinerary:

What To Expect / Difficulty Level?

  • Meet trail running lovers from all over the world
  • Multi-Day Trail Running covering 125km and 5,900m+/- elevation gain and descent
  • Will be going at an easy pace doing ~26km trail running per day, with ascents/descents of 1,000meters (3,000 ft) .
  • The Summit Climb day has 6,500ft of ascent and descent.
  • Expect to be moving (physically active) for 3 – 6 hours a day, with steep elevation and rocky terrain.
  • The maximum altitude height will be 2000m.
  • There isn’t a day of Rest – (6 Days Non-Stop)
  • Few options exist to shorten the day. Taking a day off is possible, but not easily accomplished
  • We will be running in a remote arctic area with usually no cell phone reception or access to transport.
  • If for some reason you do not want to run someday there is an alternative is to join the group the next day (only possible on days 4,5). Effectively you can relax and stay at the base in Nikkaluokta for the day and join the group next morning. During the actual running, there isn’t much of an option of cutting the running short- unless you need emergency helicopter pickup. Helicopters are the only mode of transport in remote arctic Lapland.
  • You may experience “high mountain” weather, requiring you to keep moving in rain, wind, and even some snow.
  • Hut to Hut Running Camp – meaning sleeping overnight in non-fancy but cosy mountain huts

What Experience/Training Level Is Recommended?

  • To participate in a comfortable way and enjoy the tour requires a certain level of fitness.
  • You’re an experienced trail runner with at least 3 years of committed trail running in the bank.
  • You can run & fast hike for most of a day, allowing for break time.
  • You don’t mind several big climbs and descents of at least 3,000 feet(1000m) each.
  • You might have successfully tackled a trail marathon.
  • Is this for me? you should be in good physical condition, accustomed to running and walking in the mountains, and be able to do it comfortably at least 4 hours a day.
  • If you have any doubts, please contact us, we will be happy to help you and see if this adventure is for you.

Who Is This For?

  • People who want to meet trail runners from all over the world to learn and share your passion
  • Runners who need to get a week of serious training in the mountains
  • Runners looking for a good challenge in beautiful but also a demanding environment
  • Runners looking for ideal preparation for an ultramarathon such as UTMB
  • Runners looking to become familiar with Swedish Alpine Ultra 105 km course.
  • Runners who want become part of our trail running family
  • Runners looking to an unforgettable running holiday

Accommodation & Food & Luggage

Luggage Transfer: This tour is supported with luggage transfers, shuttles to and from Kiruna airport. Your luggage will stay at one of the starting hotels or cabins and then will get transported to finish

Day 1, 4 & 5 Nikklauokta Base. (3 nights) Shared Apartment

In the main village station, we will stay in nicer quality stay in a 6-Bed cabin apartment in Nikkaluokta, it will be shared twin rooms. You sleep in separate single beds  – 4 people per 6-bed apartment so there will be plenty of space. This will also be the base of our helicopter pickups and drop-offs.

Day 2 & 3 Kebnekaise Mountain Station (2 Nights) Bunk Bed Style

In the remote mountain huts, rooms choices are very limited, you will sleep in shared dormitory style bunk beds. There are blankets and pillows available, but you may wish to your own sleeping bag liner. We will run to the first mountain station and then do the summit tour the next day, staying a total of 2 nights. You sleep in bunk beds at the mountain station

After the mountain station, we will continue the journey, where at the end of each day a helicopter taxi will pick us up and take us back to our first accommodation of 6-bed apartment in Nikkaluokta.

Facilities in the Cabins – Food, Shops

The accommodation options have a lot of facilities since they are the main mountain stations (Complete list of products). The mountains stations and huts along the way will have food for purchase, so no worries about food just take snacks, which you like to have on the runs during the day.  There are blankets and bed linen and pillows available. (take a sleeping bag liner just in case)

Most mountain cabins have shops that stock a range of staple products. There is often a wood-fired sauna as well. The range of products in shops breaks down into five categories: Breakfast, Supper/Lunch, Biscuits/Sweets/Snacks, Drinks, Hygiene/Laundry care, Miscellaneous

7 Nights  Room Type  Food (Half Board)
6 Bed Cabin Nikkaluokta Shared Rooms – Separate Beds/Bunk Beds Dinner
Mtn Kebnekaise Station Shared dormitory bunk beds Breakfast & Dinner
Mtn Kebnekaise Station Shared dormitory bunk beds Breakfast & Dinner
6 Bed Cabin Nikkaluokta Shared Rooms – Separate Beds/Bunk Beds Breakfast & Dinner
6 Bed Cabin Nikkaluokta Shared Rooms – Separate Beds/Bunk Beds Breakfast & Dinner
Hotel Kiruna Twin Rooms Breakfast & Dinner

What’s Included In This Tour?

  • All the activities described
  • Transportation to and from the airport in Kiruna
  • Transfer of luggage where possible
  • Accommodation during the tour (6 nights)
  • Most of the accommodations are in huts or mountain huts in shared rooms, with the exception of some hotels in Kiruna.
  • All meals during the tour (Breakfast and dinner), lunch will be a packed lunch where possible.
  • Running Tour guide for the entire journey
  • 500 EUR non-refundable deposit required to secure place,
    • The deposit can be transferred to another adventure, remaining balance due 4months before the start.
    • Registrations after that date must be paid in full.

What’s NOT Included In This Tour?

  • Flights to Kiruna airport – Best is to Fly to Stockholm and then take a flight to Kiruna
  • (Please do NOT make travel arrangements until we notify you that the group size has met the minimum)
  • Visa fees/entry fees
  • Insurance for travel, medical and other emergencies. All participants must have appropriate valid travel insurance for adventure activities (running, trail-running, hiking, trekking) accident insurance, air rescue, repatriation, trip cancellation, etc. Similar to this insurance or
  • Snacks, bars, gels, salts, energy in general for a day in the mountains – we recommend bringing dried fruit, nuts, energy bars, gels (more information on the travel list that is sent once space is reserved.)
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are not included
  • Extra expenses, massages, etc
  • Any extra accommodation
  • unplanned helicopter transfers between mountain huts

Detailed Arctic Circle Running Itinerary:

DAY1: Arrive at Kiruna Airport: 

Arrive at the airport and transfer to the town. Get settled in and ready the next day start at Nikkaluokta.

DAY2: Nikkaluokta - Kebnekaise - 19 Km

Relatively simple but a little rocky in some places. Throughout the course, there are trails and bridges. At the passage of these, respect must be shown to hikers who go Kungsleden

DAY3: Kebnekaise Lodge to Keb. Summit And Back - 20 Km

The next day we will do the western route to Kebnekaise – highest mountain in Sweden – 2,106 m. The western route is easier but longer up than the eastern route for which climbing gear is needed, still even for the western route we may need to rent crampons. This is a popular trekking route to the peak and we will pass quite a few rivers and slopes. We will climb Vierramvare summit and downhill again before heading up for the last slope to reach the hut at around 1,900m.

DAY4: Kebnekaise - Singistugan - Sälkastugan - 27 Km

Here too, the track is relatively simple. One should be observant at the passage where large boulders are found that these can “tilt” and there is a risk that the bumps will fall and fall. From Singistugan Easy distance.

DAY5: Sälkastugan - Tjäkjapasset - Alesjaure - 26 Km

Nice nature to be in, enjoy nature even if you run. The road down from Tjäkjapasset is very rocky, snow can also be found along the rock wall. A few kilometres after the Tjäkjastugan one should be observant how the trail goes. The Alesjaurestugan can be seen long before you get there.

DAY6: Alesjaure - Abisko - Kiruna - 34 Km

Can be a little wet one kilometre after the Alesjaurestugan. From the Alesjaurestugan it is on a big downhill to Abisko. Abiskojaurestugan is not passed.

DAY7: Breakfast & Departure


Daily Tour Schedule Summary:

7 Days – Arctic Circle – 125km  Hours KM Per Day + Elevation Gain/Descent
Day 1  Arrive Kiruna + Transfer Arrive Dinner + Briefing
Day 2 Nikkaluokta – Kebnekaise 2-3 h 19km: +670m/-400m (Highest:668m) 
Day 3 Kebnekaise Summit Tour 5-7 h 20km: +2000m/-2000m (Highest:2000m)
Day 4 Keb – Singi – Sälkastuoga 4-6 h 27km: +1040m/-950m (Highest:810m)
Day 5 Sälka – Tjäkj – Alesjaure 4-6 h 26km: +995m/-11017m (Highest:1000m) 
Day 6 Alesjaure – Abisko – Kiruna 4-6 h 34km: +1120m/-1558m (Highest:790m) 
Day 7 Depart Kiruna + Transfer Depart Breakfast